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  • Russian Submarine K-141 Kursk: Cruise Missile Sub of the Oscar II Type
    The series of cruise missile submarines known to the west as the "Oscar Class" were designed and built in the Soviet era for the explicit purpose of hunting American aircraft carriers. The Kursk was a member of this class which suffered a fatal explosion in its forward torpedo room during exercises
  • Carrier Armor: Flight Deck or Under the Hangar?
    In the early years of naval aviation the question of aircraft carrier armor occupied the intellectual effort of numerous naval engineers. Two main schools evolved, one arguing that armor on a carrier should be below the hangar and the other insisting that it be part of the carrier's flight deck.
  • IJN Shinano, Japan's Largest Aircraft Carrier
    The IJN Shinano, named in honor of the Shinano province, was originally laid down as a Yamato class battleship. However, battle losses during the course of the Second World War led to Shinano's conversion to an aircraft carrier during construction. She was the largest WWII aircraft carrier.
  • First Diesel-Battery Electric Hybrid Tugboat
    The first diesel – battery electric hybrid tugboat Carolyn Dorothy has been built and is operating in San Pedro Harbor. The distinctive design combines a diesel engine, power generator, batteries and main drive electric motors/generators, reducing fuel consumption and emissions to the atmosphere.
  • The Washington Naval Treaty: An Attempt at Arms Limitations in the Pre-Nuclear Age
    In the aftermath of the Great War, the surviving great powers worked to curtail the dangers posed by naval arms races. These had contributed to the outbreak of war in 1914 and forced ever increasing military expenditures on ever more powerful warships. The Washington Naval Treaty was the result.
  • The Aircraft Carrier Battle Group - Nexus of the Modern Navy
    The aircraft carrier battle group is the current height in the expression of naval power. Centered around a ship capable of launching and recovering carrier based aircraft, it incorporates at least one carrier, its air wing and escorts into a potent naval battle force.
  • The Battlecruiser: A Unique Type of Warship to Fulfill a Special Role
    Unlike most classes of naval vessels, the battlecruiser does not have a strict definition, at least not one agreed upon by naval scholars. But this unique type of vessel - larger than a cruiser, smaller than a battleship, has played a significant role in 20th century history from Jutland onward.
  • German U-Boat U 47 and the Raid that Sank the HMS Royal Oak
    Early in the Second World War, the German Navy, the Kriegsmarine, launched a daring raid into the anchorage of the Royal Navy's major base at Scapa Flow in Scotland. After a harrowing navigation of the channels into the harbor, U-Boat U 47 captained by Gunther Prien sank the HMS Royal Oak at anchor.
  • Admiral Graf Spee and the Battle of The River Plate
    The Battle of the River Plate involved the most famous German pocket battleship: Admiral Graf Spee, and three British cruisers operating in the South Atlantic. One of the first surface engagements of the Second World War, it ended in the scuttling of the Admiral Graf Spee outside Montevideo harbor
  • Future Chinese Aircraft Carriers: China's Next Naval Step
    China is a rising power with a growing interest in maintaining a first-class navy to protect its interests abroad. Though up until the past few years most Chinese naval vessels have been submarines or small surface ships, the launch of a Chinese aircraft carrier appears to be coming soon.
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