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  • China Carriers no Great Threat to US Interests
    As of 2011, China is a carrier power. A long time coming, the rebuild of the old Soviet era sister to the Kuznetsov- the Varyag- into the Shi Lang has given the People's Liberation Army Navy its first aircraft carrier. But don't let the hype fool you: China's carrier is no threat to US interests.
  • The Failure of the UK-France Aircraft Carrier Design
    European nations have collaborated on a number of military design projects in the past fifty years, among them the Eurofighter, the MEKO series of frigates, and various missiles. Joint aircraft carrier development like that attempted between the UK and France has however never taken off as hoped.
  • France's Last Battleship Design: The Alsace Class
    The Alsace Class was a planned battleship design that would mark France's departure from the guidelines of the Washington Naval Treaty. They were to be, in part, an answer to the Bismarck and Tirpitz, Germany's finest. But the Fall of France ended their development and they were never built.
  • The Next Generation of UK Aircraft Carriers
    The retirement of the HMS Ark Royal in 1979 marked the end of Britain's ability to field a full deck aircraft carrier operating conventional, catapult launched aircraft for over 30 years. But by 2020 the arrival of the super carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will begin a new age in British naval aviation
  • The Sinking of the Ore Carrier MV Derbyshire
    MV Derbyshire was built at Swan Hunters Yard at Wallsend on the River Tees in 1976, being originally named MV Liverpool Bridge. She was the last of six oil, bulk, ore (OBO) carriers built for the Bibby Line. She was lost in the South China Sea in 1980 during a typhoon, going down with all hands.
  • Finding HMS Investigator
    Canadian researchers have located a sailing ship that became stuck in ice over 150 years ago. The ship had been on a rescue mission itself, searching for a British party that had vanished while searching for a Northwest Passageway, when it became lodged.
  • The Ice Ships - Ice Transport Before Refrigeration
    The Ice Ships were a fleet of vessels used in the nineteenth century to transport blocks of ice from colder regions to tropical and subtropical areas that rarely, if ever, see snow or ice. The ice was used both as a luxury item - for cooling drinks - and as a medical aid to help combat fevers.
  • Pocket Battleships: The Unique Raiders of the German Navy in World War 2
    Although the designation of "pocket battleship" was never adopted by the German navy, the Deutschland class of Panzershiffe (armored cruisers) were unique and capable surface raiders that terrorized the Atlantic in World War Two and tied down dozens of British capital ships in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Kriegsmarine Heavy Cruiser: The Prinz Eugen, Her History and Fate
    The Prinz Eugen was a Hipper class heavy cruiser of the German Navy during the Second World War. Her primary claim to fame is that she was the companion of the legendary battleship, the KMS Bismarck, during her spectacular breakout into the North Atlantic in 1941. She was sunk during atomic tests.
  • The Design and Construction of Warble Narrowboats
    Warble Narrowboats was a highly regarded canal boat building company that carried out construction to their own designs at their boatyard in Hyde, England. They were renowned for their steel hulled boats that were specifically designed for waterways and canals. They ceased trading in 2004.
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