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  • Russian Battleship Potemkin
    Although made famous abroad by the Sergei Eisenstein film, the Russian Battleship Potemkin holds a unique place in Russian and Soviet history. The rebellion of her crew is often held as a model and inspiration for the Russian Revolution of 1917 which toppled the Romanov Tsars during World War I.
  • The Iowa in San Pedro?
    During the Second World War, San Pedro was used as a naval base by the US Navy. No longer host to the proud battleships of the Pacific Fleet, reports that the USS Iowa may end up permanently in San Pedro as a museum ship have been met with enthusiasm by many residents. Iowa was built during WWII
  • USS Maryland and the Colorado Class Battleships
    The USS Maryland was one of three Colorado Class battleships that all fought during World War II and for much of the Interwar period represented the pinnacle of US Naval technology. Armed with 8 16" naval guns the Maryland and her sisters fought from Pearl Harbor to the Surrender in Tokyo Bay.
  • The Ultimate Punch: Battleship Armaments
    A full broadside salvo fired by battleship is one of the most fearsome and destructive forces in military affairs. Battleships of the 20th century mounted up to twelve guns that fired shells packing over a ton of high explosives. Though outmoded by guided missiles, such broadsides were incredible.
  • Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruisers: Myoko, Chikuma, and Battles From Alaska to Guadalcanal
    Japanese heavy cruiser development was at the cutting edge in the 1930s. The deployment of several IJN cruiser classes with five twin or triple turrets sparked concern in Western navies, which began to adapt to follow suit. Japanese cruisers fought with much success in the Pacific Theater of WWII
  • The Battle for Guadalcanal: Thousands Killed in Action Over a Jungle Airfield
    Guadalcanal is the site of one of the key battles of the Second World War as well as one of the most lengthy naval engagements in all history. Fought over a jungle island in the Solomon Chain, the Battle of Guadalcanal cost the lives of thousands of American, Japanese, and native lives.
  • Scuttling the Wrecks at Scapa Flow
    Scapa Flow is a stretch of shallow water off the north coast of Scotland within the Orkney Islands. It has been used for centuries as a safe anchorage for ships with the most recent exploitation being by the British Admiralty who used it as a Royal Naval Base for the fleet during two World Wars.
  • Aircraft Carrier Tactics in the Second World War
    Carrier tactics were relatively poorly developed at the start of World War II, but a shortage of capital ships and ocean-wide operational requirements put every deck capable of launching aircraft into a position of value. Tactics evolved from single carrier raids to large fleets operating in unison
  • The Final Home of the USS Intrepid: New York City
    One of the Essex Class aircraft carriers constructed during the Second World War, USS Intrepid is now a museum ship in New York City. During her service she fought in the Second World War and Vietnam and was a vital part of NASA space operations where she plucked astronauts from the sea.
  • The Advent of the Jet Age for the US Navy: The Roosevelt and the Phantom
    With the successful operation of the FH Phantom jet aircraft from a US aircraft carrier in 1946, jets entered center stage as the core of carrier strike groups. Their introduction necessitated a complete rethink and redesign of aircraft carriers and led to the first generation of super carriers.
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