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Marine History Quiz

written by: vishalseafarer • edited by: Lamar Stonecypher • updated: 2/15/2013

What was the first floating vessel made of? Who discovered the submarine? Which is the world's most luxurious ship? Are these questions intriguing you? Take this quiz and have fun learning a lot of things that you did not know about marine history and how it evolved over the years.

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    Marine Histoy - A Brief Introduction

    Floating vessels have been around for a very long time, probably since the invention of wheels. From mere sailboats used to transport goods and vessels, today's ships are highly advanced and play a major role in transportation, defense, trade, and commerce.

    Marine history is rich with so many significant events, inventions and people, that it is hard to go through all of them even for years on end! This quiz is designed to get your curiosity going and encourage you learn more about this field.

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  • Author's personal experience and knowledge gathered by reading various books and other materials over the years.
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