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  • Handheld Infrared Thermometer Use in Engine Room
    Engine room watch-keeping engineers depend on various gauges, thermometers and pyrometers to ensure the engines are running and operating at optimum efficiency. They also depend on the sense of touch to determine temperatures; handheld infrared thermometer use in the engineroom can compliment this
  • Importance of Pipeline Tracing & the J/E
    A ship's engine room is same as any power plant or a factory, except for the size. For the efficient operation of the marine power plant and propulsion plant, it requires various fluids to be pumped, filtered, purified, heated & sometimes accumulated which are performed with the help of pipelines.
  • Propane Injection for Ship Diesel Engines
    In this article we discuss dual combustion engines and the advantages of propane injection in diesel engines.
  • Problems Encountered With Ships Ballast Tank Discharging
    When ships have discharged their cargo, they fill their ballast tanks with seawater sometimes containing aquatic exotic species. Once they reach the next port they discharge the ballast, along with any alien, non-indigenous species that can be detrimental to the local marine life and ecosystems.
  • Emergency Action Plan for Fire / Explosion On Ships
    Learn about the emergency action plan for the ship in fire and what should be done on board a ship by the crew members if there is a situation involving fire / explosion ?
  • Marine Electrical Power Distribution
    A ship can be considered as a mobile power plant. Most of the machinery is driven electrically, which thus makes for a huge electrical power demand. This makes a shipboard electrical power distribution system very important. This article is about the layout of the main switch board and the bus bar.
  • Breakdown and Repair of Ships Main Diesel Engine at Sea
    When the ship’s main diesel marine engine breaks down at sea, it is imperative that the Engineering Officers affect repairs as quickly as possible in order to restore power and steerage. This means that sufficient spares and tools must be carried to repair the marine power diesel engine.
  • Sump Tank Empties as Oil Accumulates inside Crankcase
    The Main propulsion engine had a special type of lube oil sump arrangement. The Engineers had no knowledge about this special arrangement, which lead to the flooding of engine room with lube oil. Approximately 8 tons of lube oil was lost. Read here to learn more about the incident.
  • Fire in Ship's Engine Room caused by Bacteria
    We all know that a fire requires heat, fuel, and oxygen. Have you ever wondered how a bacteria could be the source of ignition? Read here to know about the sequence of events and investigation of an engine room fire caused by thermophilic bacteria.
  • Marine Exhaust Valve Improved Design
    This article discusses exhaust valves used in the marine diesel, properties of materials, new design features, causes for exhaust valve burning, indication of exhaust valve leakage, stress on the exhaust valve, stress failures, and exhaust valve problems.
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