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  • Failure Modes for Synthethic Storage Tanks
    Synthetic storage tanks, i.e. plastic storage tanks, have revolutionized the warehousing of content all over the world. Plastic tanks can store food, water, chemicals, liquids and numerous other things. This article will talk about plastic tank failures and preventive measures.
  • Self-Replicating Carbon Nanotube Fabrics
    Have you heard about self-replicating nanotubes? What are the potential applications and are there any risks involved? Read on to find some of the answers.
  • Source of Formaldehyde in FEMA Trailers
    FEMA bought thousands of cheaply made trailers to serve as an alternative homes after Hurricane Katrina.The trailers were manufactured of contaminated wooden products, covered in white aluminum siding made from formaldehyde resin that caused people to become sick when they moved in.
  • Cable Manufacturing Job Roles and Positions
    One of the fastest growing fields in technology is cable manufacturing. As the world upgrades to digital technology, the need for cable hard lines and infrastructure has increased dramatically. The labor force needed to design, manufacture, and install these cables is greatly lacking.
  • Low Carbon Steel Case Hardening Process
    The infusion of an external element over the surface of metals, usually low carbon steel for making their outer case significantly harder is referred to as case hardening. There are several methods through which the procedure may be implemented; a few important ones are discussed in this article.
  • Identifying Metals from Assigned Codes and Marking
    The types of metals present in individual groups can be so diverse that assigning and identifying them with names may be confusing and complex. Here we learn more accurate methods of recognizing these metal types through their assigned codes and their physical properties while working with them.
  • Enhance Steel's Physical Properties Through Forging
    The physical properties of carbon steel can be manipulated by subsequent heating and cooling procedures. However these procedures must be implemented under restricted parameters. The guidelines are discussed in this article.
  • The Extrusion Thermoforming Process Made Easy
    The extrusion thermoforming process is an important production technique used in the manufacturing sector. Understanding this process might be a bit difficult if you are not tech savvy, so the same has been simplified to the maximum possible extent in this article. Read on.....
  • How Inorganic Glasses are Made
    Inorganic or fundamental glass is an important material that is used for various applications worldwide. This article describes the fundamental facts of the various types of inorganic glasses.
  • Flatwire Conveyor Belt Systems
    There is huge need for flatwire conveyor belts in various industries like the food and glass industries. Here we will discussed the design and importance of flatwire belts system with their advantages and disadvantages.
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