Selection of a Flatwire Conveyor Belt System

Selection of a Flatwire Conveyor Belt System
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Flatwire conveyor belts are a type of flexible belt system. They can be considered as a replacement for rigid type transmission system such as gear drives. These belts are used in lots of industrial applications. The application of these belts is to transfer goods from one place to another inside the industrial areas. They are very helpful to reduce human effort and costs by performing the tasks such as cleaning, washing, cooling, quenching etc.. To do so, they are passed through heaters, dryers, coolers and sterilizers etc.

Flatwire conveyor belts have an important advantage of absorbing significant amount of shock and vibration during the transmission of goods. They are also very helpful to take care of misalignment between the driver machines and those being driven over long distances.

Design of The Flatwire Conveyor Belt System

The flat flatwire is made by assembling pickets of flat wire. These pickets are assembled together via straight round wire, which are inserted through holes present in the pickets. It is made in such a way so as it can offer a maximum open area for free airflow. You will

find 3 standard types of this belt drive.

1 X 1 Openings

  • The Standard Duty size of this type of belt is 3/8 X .046 wires, and the rod is used of the size 11ga.
  • The Heavy Duty size is 1/2 X .062 wires, and the rod size is 6ga.

1/2 X 1 Openings

  • The size of its Standard Duty is 3/8 X .046 wires, and the rod size is 11ga.
  • For Heavy Duty, the size is 1/2 X .062 wires, and the rod size is 6ga.

1/2 X 1/2 Openings

  • The Standard Duty is 3/8 X .046 wires, and the rod size is 11ga.
  • The Heavy Duty size is 1/2 X .062 wires, and the rod size is of 6ga.

Selecting Flatwire Belt Drive System

When you are going to select this drive, you will need to specify the size and weight of the product that needs to transfer. This belt drive system is of two types, first is Standard Duty and second is Heavy Duty. Standard Duty is sufficient for most of the applications. However, Heavy Duty offers extra life, and heavy load capacity. It can work in tougher environment.

Applications of flatwire Conveyer Belt System

The application areas of flatwire conveyor belt system are given below.

Used in Food Industries

This system is very often used in food industries. It is used for cleaning and washing of raw vegetables, seafood, meats, and other things. It provides best results for performing other works such as baking, dewatering, cooling, and freezing. It is also used to carry heavy bags through filling and sealing.

Used in Glass and Ceramic Industries

This system is used in glass and ceramic industries for annealing, decoration, firing, and curing fiber glass.

Used in Metal works

This system is used in metal industries to help in various important operations such as heat treatment, hardening, quenching, silver and copper brazing, and soldering.

Other Industries

This belt drive system is also used in some other industries such as packaging industries, plywood processing, powder coating, hand tools, salt industries, and rubber industries. Furthermore, it is used to move books, cans, tiles, bottles, carpets, and other similar products.

Material Used for Constructing

The materials used to construct these belts is mainly galvanized steel, high carbon steel, or stainless steel. The flatwire conveyor belt drives made up of stainless steel are used in various industries mainly due to their better performance. However, some companies also offer the facility to request for change in the material.

Advantages of Flatwire Conveyor Belt Drives

  • It offers free circulation and drainage for Transmission of goods by providing large open mesh.
  • The strength of this belt drive is very high compared to its weight, which provides more load capacity.
  • The maintenance is very easy because it doesn’t take too much time and effort to clean it.
  • The maintenance cost is very low for this belt drive.
  • It has long service life that makes it economical.
  • Sprocket drives can be used in this belt drive system that provides trouble-free operation for the industries.
  • It has very smooth and flat surface that is very important for the stability of the product during transmission.

Disadvantages of Flatwire Conveyor Belt Drives

  • The installation of this belt drive is very high.
  • It takes large space to install.
  • It is responsible for high power consumption.


The flatwire conveyor belts are very useful for various industries. Its low maintenance cost and high load capacity makes it different from other transmission system. However, it also has drawbacks like large installation space and high installation cost. It is available in the market in various sizes; you can buy them according to your requirement.





Image- Flat Wire Conveyor