Machine and Mechanism Design

From wind mills and steam engines and motors and turbines, mechanical engineers have been designing mechanical tools to make life easier since the beginning of time. Learn more about machine design including how mechanical engineers build a product from the design to finished work. We’ll explore combustion engines, common tools engineers use while building, and much more!

What are Gimbals? What is a Gimbal Bearing?

Gimbals and gimbal bearings are extensively used in components that are required to stay stable in unsteady conditions. These range from use in the NASA spacecraft engine gimbals, to shipboard applications such as the gyro compass and chronometers compensating for pitch, roll and yaw conditions.

Calculating Screw Jacks and Their Operation

Screw Jacks are devices used for raising and lowering heavy objects (weights) through external small manual labor. The article discusses the various calculations involved and explains the relation between weight which is to be lifted and the applied external force associated with these devices.

How Do You Measure Leaf Springs?

The effortless, easy and comfortable experience produced while traveling in vehicles may be largely due to the incorporation of these magnificent devices called leaf springs. However designing these engineering marvels or calculating leaf springs may involve many considerations and formulas.

Tata Water Purifier

Tata Chemical Limited recently launched an economic and eco-friendly water purifier. This unpowered water purifier is one of the first consumer applications of nanotechnology, is provided at a low price point, and is designed to meet a humane need.

Wood Stove Secondary Combustion

Did you ever feel that much more heat could be made available from the combustible wood that is used on your wood stove? This article examines secondary combustion systems for wood stoves that provide more heat and filter out some pollutants.