Machine and Mechanism Design

From wind mills and steam engines and motors and turbines, mechanical engineers have been designing mechanical tools to make life easier since the beginning of time. Learn more about machine design including how mechanical engineers build a product from the design to finished work. We’ll explore combustion engines, common tools engineers use while building, and much more!

Find Out How Two-Stroke Engines Work

In two-stroke engines, the cycle of operations of the engine are completed by two strokes of the piston inside the cylinder. Two-stroke petrol engines and diesel engines work in the same way. The cycle of operation of two-stroke engines will be further described.

Purifying Oil – The Centrifuge Way

What do you do when you want to filter some impurities from the oil in your can which, over the course of time, may be caused by soil, dust, water or other immiscible materials? You may over-simplify by using a sieve filter but see how large quantities of oil are purified.