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  • Load Moving Machines Explored Through Formulas
    Moving huge weights used to be a big challenge for workers, which led to the invention of lifting machines. These well calculated, efficient mechanisms well allowed us to forge ahead into today’s modern industrial world. Let’s learn about a few of these intelligent mechanical tools.
  • The Key Shear Stress Problem in Shafts
    Keys are very useful and inexpensive locking devices for transmission shafts. The problems of key shear stress in shafts and their impacts on transmission system are described below.
  • Ceramic Coatings for Metals and Metal Parts
    Ceramic coatings are very useful procedure used to protect machine parts. We will spend a good deal of time covering the aspects of ceramic coatings for metals including plasma spray, electric arc, and detonation spray methods of application.
  • Eliminating Vibration Problems in Piping
    Whether installed on a ship, factory, or in the local supermarket, all piping needs to well supported and vibration free. Pipe supports can incorporate springs to reduce vibration, however there are numerous other designs of specific vibration eliminators that can be fitted to the pipework.
  • Do You Know Why Electric Motors Generate Reverse Electromotive Force?
    Brushless DC motors (BLDC) are used where there are limitations in the use of the brush-type DC motors. In this article we discuss how it is possible operate a DC motor with no brush arrangement and also explain the back EMF in a brushless DC motor (BLDC).
  • Fusion of Inox Steel and Embrittlement Issues
    The machine parts made up of stainless steel become brittle due to the Hydrogen Embrittlement. Here we will discuss hydrogen embrittlement and its effects in stainless steel.
  • Analyzing Abnormal Vehicle Vibration Tendencies
    Drive train vibration issues, if not treated in a timely fashion, can cause serious catastrophic damage to your gearbox. Do you know what the possible causes of the vibration issues are and how to get rid of them?
  • Blacksmith's Favorite Forging Tools Explained
    Advanced automation today might have made metal processing work quick and at huge scales, but it didn't fully replace a blacksmith’s role in the field. Blacksmiths still occupy an important and irreplaceable position. What tools do the blacksmiths use the most? We’ll learn it here.
  • Basic Facts to Consider When Selecting a Material for a Particular Design
    Material selection in engineering design is very important in all aspects. There are number of engineering design criteria and facts have to be considered when selecting a particular material for a certain design.
  • Power Recovery Turbines (Prts) Came Before Turbochargers and Jet Engines
    What are power recovery turbines? Although they were used on the most highly efficient and powerful aircraft engines of WW II, they are virtually unknown today. This article describes the short-lived technology of PRTs as well as some of the famous engines that used them.
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