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Quiz for Reading Blueprints

written by: Mike Aguilar • edited by: Lamar Stonecypher • updated: 10/2/2012

So you think you know about the mechanical engineering field? You know how to read and interpret an engineering blueprint, right? Well, let’s find out. Take this quick quiz to see how much you really know.

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    Mechanical engineers work on a variety of different equipment and components. Mechanical engineers design automotive parts, bridge supports, and a variety of other objects. These designs are then turned into technical drawings called blueprints. A blueprint is a two-dimensional representation of the object being designed. Most parts being designed can’t be represented on a single page, so most blueprints come in sets. In this quiz you can test your knowledge of blueprints in general and the specific information you will find on a mechanical engineering blueprint.

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    Blueprint Quiz


  • Mike Aguilar has taught blueprint reading classes at the junior college level.
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