Hydraulics in Civil Engineering

Hydraulics is an important field in Civil Engineering that has to do with the mechanical properties of liquids. Whether the project is a tunnel, road or series of pipes running through a building, it’s important to know how the water will travel and what conditions the building will be safe under. Read more about topics like fluid mechanics, fluid machinery, irrigation, coastal waters and more.

The Hardy Cross Method

The Hardy-Cross Method comprises an assumption of flow in the municipal water network so that the code of stability is fulfilled at each junction. These accepted flows are then calculated consecutively for each pipe loop in the network until the correction reduces to an acceptable degree.

Severn Tidal Barrage

There have been numerous government enquiries and subsequent reports over the last century into the construction of a tidal barrage across the River Severn Estuary linking England to Wales.
None have come to fruition due to economic and environmental concerns and, the sheer magnitude of the project