Hydraulics in Civil Engineering

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  • St Francis Dam California Disaster
    The St Francis Dam failure in California occurred in 1928, two short years after its completion, resulting in over 450 deaths. The dam was constructed of concrete in an arch-gravity design, and spanned the San Francisquito Canyon forming a reservoir that supplied Los Angeles with drinking water.
  • Household Water Treatment Systems
    Do you want to invest in household water treatment systems? Are you puzzled with regard to the system you should install? Perform a comparison of household water treatment systems before you install one. Do you need: carbon filter, reverse osmosis system, water softener, and ultraviolet system?
  • Manning Equation Calculations for Partially Full Pipe Flow
    Make open channel flow calculations for partially full pipe flow with these excel spreadsheet templates. We use the Manning equation and equations for partially full pipe flow to calculate flow rate and velocity or normal depth
  • Wastewater Treatment with Ozone
    Ozone is a form of oxygen that readily gives up its additional atom to react with bacteria, molds, and other pollutants to oxidize them and render them less harmful. Wastewater ozone treatment is thus one of the advanced wastewater treatments that is considered worldwide for its effectiveness.
  • Description of Drinking Water Treatment/Purification Systems
    Commonly used drinking water purification systems include water disinfection, water filtration systems, chemical addition, coagulation/flocculation, and sedimentation. Read on for a description of these commonly used drinking water treatment processes.
  • Basic Concepts of Reusing Industrial Wastewater
    Heightened public awareness and stricter application of effluent standards by the authorities has led to industrial wastewater reuse being given a lot of importance. Advanced technologies have also led to such reuse becoming feasible and economical.
  • What Happens when a Water Main Breaks?
    Pipes are laid in the ground and soil conditions that are acidic can cause water mains to corrode and rupture. Breaks can also be occur when the pipes are subjected to very high pressures, which can even come from the water hammer cause by incorrect closing of valves.
  • The Basics of Water Pollution
    Causes of water pollution, types of water pollution, and methods of control of water pollution are all areas of concern because of the increases in the amount and the wide variety of water pollution around the world.
  • An Introduction to Drinking Water Treatment
    The history of drinking water treatment extends far into the past, including development of chlorine disinfection. Concern about water quality and chemical water contamination led to regulations like the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act and to expanded methods of drinking water treatment.
  • How to Calculate an Urban Drainage System
    Here you'll be able to calculate and model an urban drainage system, as an Hydraulic Engineer does. We tell you which is the most important information you have to look for and the parameters you have to work with.
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