Hydraulics in Civil Engineering

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  • SOP for Membrane Filtration Units for Drinking Water
    Membrane filtration is considered very efficient and is often used in addition to slow sand filtration and other methods to ensure the quality of drinking water.
  • Excel Templates for Venturi and Orifice Flow Meter Calculations
    Excel templates can be downloaded to use Excel formulas for venturi meter, orifice flow meter and ideal gas law calculations. The Excel formulas calculate pipe flow rates for venturi and orifice flow meters, gas density with the ideal gas law, and orifice coefficient with the ISO 5167 equation.
  • Storm Water Sewer Design Calculations
    Use the Excel formulas in the templates included with this article to compute the hydraulic portion for storm water drainage in a storm sewer design.
  • Excel Formulas to Calculate Water Flow Rates for Different Pipe Sizes
    Excel formulas to calculate water flow rates for pipe sizes (diameters and lengths) can be downloaded as Excel templates in this article. The Hazen Williams formula is used for water flow rate calculations. Either S.I. units or U.S. units can be used in the Excel spreadsheet templates.
  • The Storm Water Detention or Retention Pond - Why is It Needed?
    Storm water detention ponds capture storm water runoff and release it at a rate slower than the pre-development peak storm water runoff rate. The decrease in watershed time of concentration and increase in runoff coefficient create the need for a storm water detention or retention pond.
  • Introduction to the Manning Equation for Uniform Open Channel Flow Calculations
    The Manning equation is an empirical equation for uniform open channel flow. It can be used for water flow rate calculations in either man made or natural open channels. Water flow calculation with the Manning equation uses the channel slope, hydraulic radius, and Manning roughness coefficient.
  • Hydraulic Accumulators Theory and Use
    Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. But it can be transformed from one from to another. This energy can also be stored in a device or equipment, so that it can be used in the other form. Have you ever wondered how hydraulic energy is stored? Here's how.
  • Calculations for Parshall Flume Equations
    Download spreadsheets with Excel formulas to make Parshall flume open channel flow measurement calculations. These have been built into the Excel spreadsheets for free flow and submerged flow with U.S. units or S.I. units.
  • Learn about Natural Water Movement through a Water Cycle Diagram
    A water cycle diagram, as given in this article, helps to answer the question, 'How does the water cycle work?' The steps of the water cycle, like rainfall, evaporation, and transpiration, make up the natural water circulation system known as the water cycle that continuously generates fresh water.
  • Practical Applications of Hydrology - The Study of Water
    Hydrology is the study of the properties, quality, distribution, and movement of water at and near the earth's surface. This science includes the study of groundwater and surface water management, natural water movement in the water cycle, watershed characteristics, and storm water management.
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