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  • What is Thermodynamic Equilibrium: Part-2: Causes of Non-Equilibruim of the System
    The two systems are said to be in thermodynamic equilibrium wih each other when they are in mechanical, chemical and thermal equilibrium with each other. Here are various types of equilibrium and the conditions for thermodynamic equilibrium of the system.
  • How Heat Works
    Discussion about heat transmission and how it affects HVAC-R performance.
  • Selecting the Correct Size Window Air Conditioner
    This article will give you clear information about selecting a properly sized window air conditioning system.
  • Derivation of the van der Waals Equation of State for Real Gases Part One
    In this article, we begin deriving an equation of state for real gases by using van der Waals' modification of kinetic theory.
  • Fabrication and Installation of Offshore HVAC Systems
    The fabrication and installation of offshore HVAC systems is normally carried out at the offshore construction yard which is building the oil/gas production platform. The HVAC ductwork is installed as the platform construction progresses, especially into areas with future limited access.
  • How Air Conditioning Works
    Air conditioning is the process of maintaining comfortable conditions inside a closed space. It controls temperature, humidity, air flow rate and the cleanliness of air inside a room.
  • Excel Formulas for Pressure Drop in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design
    Excel formulas for calculation of frictional pressure drop in shell and tube and double pipe heat exchanger design can be downloaded from this article. The pressure drop calculation is for the tubes in a shell and tube heat exchanger or for the inside pipe in a double pipe heat exchanger.
  • The 1st Law of Thermodynamics
    The first law of thermodynamics states that “energy can neither be destroyed nor created and it can only be transformed.” Thus what happens to the inner energy after death? Is hell endothermic or exothermic? What is the thermodynamics of hell? This article is an attempt to answer the above.
  • Reciprocating Air Compressors
    The crankshaft of an air compressor has drilled holes meant for the lubrication of the bearings. Read here to learn about piston rings' cross-section and lubrication system. We also explain the structure of connecting rod and crankshaft.
  • Introduction to Real Gases
    The ideal gas law fails for gases that are near condensation. A physics graduate student came up with a modified equation by amending the kinetic theory of gases. How did he do this, and who was he?
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