The Important Role HVAC Design Plays In Choosing An Office Or Home HVAC System

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When you are planning to install a new HVAC system in your home or office, it is important to select the air-conditioner of proper tonnage and specifications. People tend to select the air-conditioner haphazardly without considering the various sources of heat generation in their rooms or offices.

There are three possibilities if you select your heating or cooling system without following the basic designing principles:

  1. First, if you have selected too small air-conditioner it won’t give you the desired cooling effect, hence your investment on the machine will be wasted along with your precious time and efforts.

  2. Second possibility is that you have chosen an excessively bigger machine. Now this will not only increase you initial cost of the machine but also its running cost. Larger compressors will consume large amounts of power and bring highly unaffordable electric bills. In place of a small air-conditioner, which could have easily been sufficient for you, you have purchased a big machine.

  3. Third possibility depends on your luck. The haphazardly selected air-conditioner turns out to be appropriate for you in terms of sufficient cooling effect, low initial cost and minimum running cost.

While installing the HVAC system in home or office, don’t select the machine haphazardly and don’t depend on the luck. Ask your vendor or engineer to consider the various sources of heat generation in your home or office and design HVAC system of proper tonnage and air-flow rate. The professional HVAC designers have a heat load calculation chart and ensure that the HVAC system of proper specifications is selected for your home or office.

They will measure various dimensions of your space which is to be cooled, including that of walls and roofs, and find out the heat gained by them. They will also consider the number of windows, type of windows, blinds and their exposure to sun and accordingly decide on the heat gained by them. The heat emitted by lights and other electrical appliances is also considered. One of the most important parameters to consider is the number of people that will occupy the room or the office.

After measuring the total amount of heat generated in the home or office per hour, the HVAC designer will suggest you the HVAC system of proper tonnage so that you will feel comfortable in your room or office without excessive burden of electricity bills. Designing the HVAC system for your house or office is as crucial as designing the complete house or office. Don’t ignore this important factor. Comfort at reasonable cost is ensured.