Geotechnical Engineering

Any building project that takes place on the ground (that’s many of them) has to be concerned with geotechnical engineering. This branch of Civil Engineering is concerned with earth materials, soil mechanics, geology etc. A geotechnical engineer will examine rock formations and locations to determine safety, environmental concerns and much more. Learn more about this fascinating sub-field here.

What is Civil Engineering Surveying?

Surveying is an important discipline in civil engineering that is intimately associated with a large number of facilities, including railways, roads, dams, bridges, and residential areas. Surveying creates the legal geographical boundaries and provides data for computer databases.

What is Geotechnical Engineering?

Geotechnical engineering is an important field of engineering that is concerned with behavior of earth materials. Some of the important tasks of geotechnical engineering are designing of foundations for structures, embankments, storage systems for hazardous materials, and lessening soil erosion.