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  • Download Excel Spreadsheets for Activated Sludge Waste Water Treatment Calculations
    Activated sludge wastewater treatment calculations can be made using the Excel formulas in the downloadable spreadsheets. Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), waste water flow rates and total suspended solids concentrations are used in the activated sludge calculations
  • Man-portable Hydrographic Survey Systems Compared
    A portable hydrographic survey system must be reliable and precise. Integration of the latest technology with the standard operations of a survey system has made hydrographic surveying very fast and simple. Read on to find which ones the best and latest available in the market.
  • How to Build Dikes
    Dikes are built to prevent water from entering areas, or at least controlling them, so that the area becomes habitable. Dikes are very common along river banks in areas prone to flooding and can even be temporary affairs with just sandbags.
  • Post-Fire Cleanup - Dealing with Water and Smoke Damage
    Water from firefighting operations and smoke from a fire causes lots of damage and a need for cleaning operations once the fire is put out. This cleanup should be started as soon as possible, but only after making sure the structure and electrical systems are safe.
  • Reusing Drill Foam
    Drill foam is a detergent used by drillers of oil wells to assist in the floatation of dirt to the surface and which also helps to extend the life of drill bits by reducing the wear on them. Such foams form a substantial cost of drilling and reusing the foam treatment makes sound economic sense.
  • Drinking Water from Wastewater
    The process of producing drinking water from wastewater has been made possible by biological treatment known as bioremediation. This consists of introducing micro-organisms to the pre-treated wastewater storage tanks, where they work away until contaminates are completely removed.
  • How to test for Rock Mass Bearing Capacity
    There are a number of techniques available for estimating the bearing capacity of rock foundations. These techniques include analytical methods, traditional bearing capacity equations, and field load tests. Of the various methods, field load tests are the least commonly used.
  • Common Terms applied to Rock Mechanics in Geotechnical Engineering
    Rock mechanics is a field of engineering that involves interaction between geology, mathematics, physics, petroleum, mining, and civil engineering. There's a lack of standardization in rock mechanics terminology, so this beginner's guide is intended to help you get started with rock mechanics.
  • The Coefficient of Passive Lateral Earth Pressure
    Lateral earth pressure refers to lateral forces acting on a retaining structures or soil mass. The three conditions of lateral earth pressure are active earth pressure, passive earth pressure, and earth pressure at rest.
  • Reed Bed Construction
    The technique of reed bed construction is a muck treatment by plant ingestion. Reed beds present sludge dewatering by plant consumption, evapotranspiration, and drainage. Reed beds chemically change the muck with the plants using up the nutrients and minerals.
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