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  • Fundamentals Of Surveying
    Surveying is an important discipline in civil engineering that is intimately associated with a large number of facilities, including railways, roads, dams, bridges, and residential areas. Surveying creates the legal geographical boundaries and provides data for computer databases.
  • Geotechnical Topics: Soil Properties
    The study of the chemical and physical properties of soil helps in managing resources while working with a particular kind of soil. Not all soils have similar properties, and working with them requires understanding soil properties in detail.
  • Mohs Scale of Hardness and Modern Materials
    The ancient idea of testing the hardness of a particular rock by trying to scratch it with another rock was standardized in the early 1800s. This system is still in use today due to its ridiculous ease of use even though other systems have been developed that are far more precise.
  • Geotechnical Topics: Soil Compaction
    Soil compaction means increasing soil density that makes working with soil easy, helps in erecting stable structures, and reduces maintenance costs. Read to learn about the desirable, and undesirable, effects of mechanical soil compaction on construction and agricultural works.
  • Geotechnical Topics: Soil Permeability
    Soil permeability is a characteristic property of soil, and studying it helps to erect better structures, construct stable foundations, and perform agricultural activities. Permeability of soil depends upon various factors, and important related aspects are discussed here.
  • Geotechnical Topics: Soil Formation
    Understanding the soil formation process is the first step toward understanding the vastness and complexity of soil mechanics.
  • Geotechnical Topics: Soil Classification
    Soil classification gives generalized information about the behavior and nature of soil belonging to a particular region or location. It also gives scientists, engineers, and agriculturists information about the kind of soil they are going to be dealing with.
  • Groynes and Littoral Drift
    A beach that requires constant replenishment or change in its sand dune structure is an ideal candidate for some sort of protection work which can prevent littoral drift. Groynes are one form of coastal protection which helps beaches retain their character.
  • Alternatives to Gate Valves in Stormwater and Wastewater Drainage Systems
    Because of the increase of urban infrastructure of roads and parking lots, rainwater is being prevented from natural drainage. Run-off from these tarred surfaces cause problems to combined stormwater and wastewater plants, in some cases causing the release of raw sewage into rivers, lakes, or sea.
  • High Definition Induction Logs reveal Hydrocarbon Pay Zones
    High definition induction logs are more accurate and efficient than the conventional well logging methods. HDIL, as they are popularly known as are an important part of well-logging and ensure precise resistivity data and hydrocarbon traces of a newly dug well.
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