Fluid Mechanics & How it Relates to Mechanical Engineering

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  • Hydraulic Turbines: Francis Turbine
    In Francis Turbine water flow is radial into the turbine and exits the Turbine axially. Water pressure decreases as it passes through the turbine imparting reaction on the turbine blades making the turbine rotate. Read more about design and working principle of Francis Turbine in this article.
  • Hydraulic Turbines: Kaplan Turbine
    Kaplan Turbine is designed for low water head applications. Kaplan Turbine has propeller like blades but works just reverse. Instead of displacing the water axially using shaft power and creating axial thrust, the axial force of water acts on the blades of Kaplan Turbine and generating shaft power.
  • Cavitation in Hydraulic Turbines: Causes and Effects
    Cavitation is formation of vapor bubbles in the liquid flowing through any Hydraulic Turbine. Cavitation occurs when the static pressure of the liquid falls below its vapor pressure. Cavitation is most likely to occur near the fast moving blades of the turbines and in the exit region of the turbines
  • Hydraulic Turbines: The Pelton Turbine
    In a Pelton Turbine or Pelton Wheel water jets impact on the blades of the turbine making the wheel rotate, producing torque and power. Learn more about design, analysis, working principle and applications of Pelton Wheel Turbine.
  • Additives for Gearbox Lubricants
    This article looks into the additives required to be added in a gearbox lubricant to enhance its performance. The various types of additives and their advantages are discussed in this article.
  • Hydrogen Application in an Internal Combustion Engine.
    This is to explore the possibility of hydrogen application in an internal combustion engine.
  • Kinematics – Actuation of Machines: Part II – Hydraulic Actuation
    Fluids, liquid or gases can flow through pipes and cylinders of different shapes and sizes easily and can transfer the power or pressure and force from the point of generation to the point of actuation. The fluid power systems include both hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Oil Drilling on Land and Sea
    Drilling for oil involves penetrating through various layers of the earth surface to reach, deposits of hydrocarbons. Drilling goes on both below the subsoil on land or below the seabed.
  • Hydraulics – Why the Fuss about being Incompressible?
    A fluid is a fluid so why should the compressibility of hydraulic fluid matter? Well it does matter a lot for that would change the entire dynamics of the system, and probably make it useless for practical purposes. Here is the answer to this:
  • Hydraulic Fluid – The Life Blood of Hydraulic Systems
    Our human bodies have blood running around in arteries and veins (don’t ask me which one carries pure or impure blood), which is very important for the healthy existence of the body. Similar hydraulic equipments have hydraulic fluids in their system which is very important for them. Find out more!
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