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  • Operating Principle of Stepper Motors Explained
    Stepper motors have become favorites of industry motor applications simply because these machines exhibit accurate responses to applied electrical pulses and there are easier to control. This article explains stepper motors, how they work, and the associated pros and cons of their use.
  • Shadow Detection Equipment Explained
    The article explains a simple yet innovative circuit idea for a motion detector alarm that can be deployed in restricted places as a security device for monitoring unwanted intrusions.
  • How to Make AC to DC
    In this article we will focus on the working of the rectifier diodes in three standard configurations of rectifier circuit, namely half wave rectifier, full wave, and bridge rectifier. Their advantages and disadvantages and how to build a bridge rectifier are also discussed here.
  • How are Integrated Circuits Made?
    An integrated circuit or IC is basically the assembly of electronic components fabricated on a semiconductor material as a unit. There are different techniques used to design and construct integrated circuits. In today's world, integrated circuits are used in almost all electronic equipment.
  • Simple Astable and Monostable Multivibrator Circuits Using IC 555 Explained
    The article presents some very useful, assorted IC 555 application circuits, which depict the two basic operating modes of the IC- the astable and the monostable modes- and how they may be exploited for various applications.
  • Operation and Uses of Integrated Circuits
    An integrated circuit is basically made up of small electronic components on a semi-conductor material. Today, integrated circuits have become an important part of our daily life and they can be found in the majority of electrical devices.
  • Gateways of Technology - Learn About Electronic Gates
    An electronic gate is a combination of switches that are microscopic in size and whose function is to receive one or more inputs resulting in a single output. All digital circuits consist of electronic gates, as they are critical to a computer in decision making.
  • How to Arm and Disarm Your Car Remotely
    You might be very frequently hearing those “squeaking” alarm sounds, after which an individual can be seen confidently walking away from the car just parked in. The car owner just locked and armed his vehicle by activating a remote control system. We’ll learn how to make it here.
  • Simple Bird Tone Generator Circuits Explained
    The article describes a few simple oscillator circuits which are suitably dimensioned as different types of tone generators resembling the sounds of birds. The circuits are able to imitate bird sounds like that of a parrot, sparrow, and woodpecker.
  • A Simple Cassette Player Circuit Construction Project Explained
    A cheap cassette player constructible design is discussed in this article. An interesting home electronic project for all those electronic enthusiasts who still believe and appreciate the versatility of these outstanding audio recording and reproducing devices.
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