Consumer Appliances & Electronics

Electronic engineering is an important field related to electrical engineering. Electronic engineers design and build modern day electronics, from telecommunication devices to medical machines to every day consumer electronics like your tablet.
There is a large number of consumer electric appliances like dishwashers, water heaters, indoor lighting and kitchen appliances that make modern life possible. Whenever you pop a piece of bread into a toaster or move a load of laundry to the drier you have an eletrcial engineer to thank. Learn more about this wide field of consumer appliances and electronics.

AC Rectifier Efficiency

Utility power enters the premises as alternating current, but equipment like computers and other devices used in industrial settings require direct current to operate. The process of converting from AC to DC is called rectification.

Non-ionizing Radiation Detectors

What is the definition of non-ionizing radiation, and how do we measure it if it’s present? These are not easy questions to answer because of the very broad spectrum of energy represented in this class of emissions. This article covers what engineers and technicians need to know.

Camless Diesel Engines

Camless diesel engines for trucks will reduce weight, enhance durability, provide control for lower emissions, and increase engine performance. In this article, learn more about how these systems are designed and operate.

How to Become an Electronics Hobbyist

If you are done with the theoretical part of electronics, its time you learn some practical stuff. Here we discuss and find out how to identify electronic components physically. Without this it’s simply impossible to fulfill your dreams of becoming a successful electronics hobbyist

Are Energy Savers a Big Scam?

Soaring electric bills may entice your interest toward plug-in energy saver devices. But be aware that you may spend a lot of money for nothing because these energy savers cannot change your appliance’s power consumption- or lower your electric bill.