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  • Machine Language vs High-Level Languages
    You have probably heard the terms machine language, binary code, low or high-level languages and wonder how they are used and what are their differences. Follow the article to discover the answers to these questions.
  • Pros and Cons of Digital Multimeters
    A multimeter, also known as a VOM, is an electrical instrument used to measure circuit parameters such as voltage, current, and resistance. Multimeters are of analog and digital types. An analog multimeter has a scale and needle indicator whereas a digital multimeter has an LCD display.
  • How to Get Rid of Vibration Noise from Air Conditioners
    Air conditioners have become a necessity at residential premises as well as commercial spaces to bring down heat levels. They also dehumidify the air and freshen it. But, like any other electronic device, they come with their downsides, and one of the common problems is their vibration noise.
  • Causes of Noise in Phase Locked Loop Circuits
    A PLL is an electronic circuit that produces a replica of its input frequency using a feedback mechanism. Noise in phase locked loops may be due to noise in the oscillator or VCO stages, or due to noise produced by passive and active components.
  • Fire Alarm Sensor TGS-813 Explained
    If you are looking for an appropriate gas sensor for configuring into your fire alarm system, then perhaps this article regarding the technical data of gas leakage sensor will be particularly helpful to you.
  • Planning for End of Life of Electronic Components
    The rate of electronic devices usage has grown drastically in the last two decades. A huge number of these electronic parts go to waste once their usefulness expires. This post discusses planning for end of life electronic components, ways to reuse or recycle them, and finding replacements.
  • How Does a Residual Current Device Provide Protection?
    Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) or Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB’s) in household and industrial wiring protects you from electric shock hazards. How does this protect you?
  • Working Wireless Power Transmission System Shown by Intel
    Intel recently demonstrated a new ambitious plan of using wireless energy transfer in future devices. A light bulb can work without being connected to current-carrying wires! Is it possible that this technology will result in innovative new products?
  • Simple LED Flashlight Explained
    A commercially available, cheap mini LED torch may typically be comprised of a white LED, a few button cells and a switch mechanism. One such sample has been diagnosed here. The studied example can be easily duplicated and built by anybody having ordinary technical knowledge.
  • Using Compressed Air to Clean Computers and Electronic Components
    Compressed air for electronics cleaning is used commonly everywhere. Though it is the easiest and quickest method to clean the delicate components of electronics, it has its own pros and cons. Before you use it with your electronics, be sure to read this article.
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