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  • Profibus Protocol in PLC and Automation Technology
    Profibus is an industry-standard communications bus protocol used in process automation and sensor networks using programmable logic controllers. Understanding how the networks function will be beneficial to any plant engineer having to deal with PLC problems.
  • Car Battery Maintenance and Recharging Problems
    Many car battery problems are caused due to poor maintenance. Learn how to increase the performance and prolong the life of your batteries.
  • How to Understand Electronic Components
    The sections of this guide provide links to many articles that explain some of the important electronic components commonly used in all types of electronic circuits. Important parts like resistors, capacitors, transistors, and ICs are all explained here.
  • Top 20 Audio Amplifier Circuits Explained
    The experience of hearing a piece of music in its amplified version can be truly thrilling. This inspired the researchers to further enhance these systems for inducing greater satisfaction to the human ears. Here we study some of these improved amplifier designs which can be build at home itself.
  • Care and Maintenance of Electric Cables
    Electric cables are designed and manufactured for specific applications, from small ones used in electronic circuits to strong ones with armored core. Each of them have to be handled carefully. The health of electric cables is measured by insulation resistance, which must be checked regularly.
  • Over-current Protection by Fuse
    Several types of over current protection devices are available in the market, and the simplest of them is the fuse. Though we consider it an ancient and low technology solution, the truth is that a lot of engineering and research is behind it.
  • The Care and Feeding of your Mobile Phone Battery
    The article describes the science behind the little grey thing that pumps up your cell phone's juices, i.e the lithium-ion battery. Although they cost more than the other rechargeable batteries, Li-ions are also finding applications in the military and aeronautics.
  • How a Hybrid Electric Water Heater is Useful in Your Home
    Hybrid electric, or heat pump, water heaters supply hot water and do it more economically (and ecologically) than other types of water heaters.
  • Care and Maintenance of Electric Motors
    Electric motors are the workhorse of any industry. Silent and efficient they work 24x7. However they too need care and maintenance. In this article we discuss the maintenance, problems, and the troubleshooting of electrical motors.
  • How Loudspeakers and Amplifiers Work
    The loudspeaker and amplifier working theory presented in this article has been expressed in a most simple and easy to understand narration. The content will not only enlighten a layman regarding the subject but also will act as an overview for the experts.
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