Concrete Technology

Concrete is a basic building material needed for many Civil Engineering projects. There is a great deal to this subject, from the types of different concrete mixtures, to curing concrete, methods of recycling it and more. Read articlees on concrete technology: how it’s made, what types are in use today and more.

All About Concrete Recycling

Construction and demolition (C&D) waste is one of the main sources of waste that occupies huge space in landfills and that can be recycled economically, without compromising the essential material properties. With the limited supply of natural materials, concrete recycling has gained much importance

Self Compacting Concrete

Self Compacting Concrete Or SCC is one of the most widely used concrete types mainly because of its self compacting characteristics and additional strength benefits. Find out the importance and uses of Self Compacting concrete along with its manufacturing processes inside the article.

Different Types of Cement

Concrete and cement are not the same thing. Learn the difference between the two and learn all about the different types of cement that are available for construction projects.