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  • Choosing Sealers For Concrete Countertops
    With advancing technology, there are several options available for sealers for concrete countertops. You can find the best sealer for concrete countertops if you have some good information about them.
  • What Is Self Compacting Concrete?
    Self Compacting Concrete Or SCC is one of the most widely used concrete types mainly because of its self compacting characteristics and additional strength benefits. Find out the importance and uses of Self Compacting concrete along with its manufacturing processes inside the article.
  • How to Repair Concrete Cracks
    This article will discuss different types of concrete cracks. After finishing the article, you will know how to repair concrete cracks.
  • Using Concrete Formwork in Construction
    Formwork systems are widely being used in the construction industry, including bridge decks. The creation of structural elements by the formwork systems has greatly benefited the construction industry.
  • Concrete Formwork
    Concrete is required to be poured for formation of the desired shape. The general techniques used for form work is timber shuttering that is a customized temporary structure, retained till the concrete sets and gains strength. Road forms are shuttering that can be repeatedly used.
  • Tips on Concrete Curing
    Curing concrete is a complex process involving maintenance of proper temperature, humidity, circulation, and other factors. Cracks may develop and cement strength may be affected if adequate arrangements are not made for these controls. Crystals develop by the reaction of water with Portland cement.
  • Facts About the Cement Industry in the US
    The US is the third largest cement producer in the world. China ranks first and then India. There are over 100 cement plants in operation in 37 states.
  • Lightweight Concrete Carries The Load
    While still not light and resilient enough for a vehicle tire, properties of lightweight concrete lends creative architectural design possibilities to the realm of structural engineering.
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete
    Exposed aggregate concrete is normally used for terraces and walkways. It consists of the small stones fitted inthat improves the look and the strength. The common methods of its production are Surface Dressing and Washed to Expose.
  • How Decorative Concrete is Used
    The applications for decorative concrete are increasing significantly, since the appearance of conventional concrete is changed radically by alteration into decorative concrete. Decorative concrete is used in modern expensive homes and also in small economical homes.
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