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  • Testing for Cement Content
    Cement content in any concrete has a direct relation to the strength of the concrete, its durability and impermeability. For tests for cement content and other forms of concrete testing, standards have been laid down which need to be adhered to by civil engineers.
  • Shotcrete for Reinforcing Masonry Walls?
    Shotcrete is the application of concrete to any surface through mechanical means using pneumatic appliances. It avoids the use of formwork, and ensures faster work. Shotcrete reinforcement of masonry walls can increase life of walls but would require consideration of shotcrete velocity and shotcrete
  • Use and Production of Reinforced Concrete
    Combining the hardness of the concrete with the flexibility of the steel, reinforced concrete makes modern construction possible. This article discusses mixes and production, including dosing, casting, launching, and curing.
  • Start Your Concrete Block Making Home Business without Investing in Machinery
    This article will explain how to make concrete block and start your small scale home business doing it.
  • Benefits of Air-entrained Concrete
    Air entrained concrete has microscopic air bubbles in the concrete. Air bubbles provide durability for concrete exposed to freezing and thawing. These air bubbles help to improve the workability of the concrete and reduce the slump. Concrete entrained air testing is a must to maintain quality.
  • Why Does Concrete Crack?
    Cracks are one of the most common defects in concrete. This article will discuss the four main reasons for concrete cracking and how concrete surface cracking can be avoided.
  • What Are the Recommended Concrete Mix Proportions for Good Concrete?
    This article will inform you about the required concrete mix proportions and you will be able to mix your own concrete.
  • Concrete Roads vs Asphalt Roads
    Asphalt roads wear more than concrete roads, but many countries are replacing concrete roads with asphalt because it is cheaper, despite concrete roads having some major advantages. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the different road paving surfaces in this article.
  • Useful Calculations for Concrete
    This article provides several useful calculations for concrete, such as the concrete cubic yard formula, concrete weight calculations, and a bags of concrete calculator formula.
  • Roman Concrete Technology
    What the Romans taught us about concrete could fill a fairly thick book. The Romans learned that low water content and compaction are the keys to making extremely durable structures like the Pantheon, which still stands after 2,000 years.
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