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  • Repair of Prestressed Concreted Pipe
    Prestressed concrete pipes have lower construction costs and are more readily repaired in comparison to conventional concrete pipes. Repair of prestressed concrete pipes, in fact, has made things easy for repair and maintenance engineers.
  • How to Make Concrete Countertops
    It is not difficult to make concrete countertops for your home. This article is based on some easy tips to make concrete countertops.
  • Concrete That Compacts on Its Own? - Description and Advantages
    This type of concrete, unlike the conventional one, can be conveniently poured in narrow places since it does not require vibration. The ingredients are the same as in the conventional mixture except for the water reducing agent that improves its properties. Read the article to find out more!
  • Recycling Concrete
    Construction and demolition (C&D) waste is one of the main sources of waste that occupies huge space in landfills and that can be recycled economically, without compromising the essential material properties. With the limited supply of natural materials, concrete recycling has gained much importance
  • Curing Concrete
    Owners and builders should be seriously concerned about the concrete curing process because it can significantly influence concrete characteristics. This article describes the concrete curing process and the methods used in the curing process.
  • Fundamentals of Reinforced Concrete
    Reinforced concrete is widely used for construction on a large scale due to its desirable mechanical properties. Types of steel and non-steel concrete reinforcement are described. Corrosion has an adverse effect on the embedded steel if structures are not properly designed and constructed.
  • Basics Of Fiber Reinforced Concrete
    Concrete reinforcement technology is not new and fibers have been used for reinforcement since ancient times. Popular fibers are made up of steel and glass, while plastic and nylons have a limited use. Quantities, concentration, and dispersal influence the properties of fiber reinforced concrete
  • Using Ardex for Concrete Overlays
    Proper preparation of the surface is the most important factor in achieving the bond between Ardex and the concrete surface being treated. No matter which topping or overlay is used to level, smooth, or repair a substrate’s surface, it will only be as strong as the surface to which it is bonded.
  • Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
    The use of steel fibers has led to the improvement of the concrete's mechanical properties such as material toughness in tension and also durability.
  • Creating Concrete Signage
    Concrete signs, as seen in office parks and public spaces, are permanent markers. Letters can be raised or inset into the concrete. Footer design details must include allowing for wind and erection stresses. Pole and sign concrete calculations must also consider erection stresses.
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