Building Construction & Design

Civil engineers are primarily concerned with construction, whether it be of buidlings, highways, bridges, tunnels and other necessary structures. In this topic we delve into the matters of designing and constructing projects. Construction Engineering is closely related to Civil Engineering, but more focused on management of the construction site instead of just purely on design and building. Learn all you can about this important topic.
You’ll also learn about the tools, equipment and material needed for projects. Find out more on forklifts, jackhammers, drills, excavaters and much more. Learn the basics of the machinery and proper care to make sure everything is as safe as possible. Also read about how to choose the right material for the project: wood, plastic, stone, concrete, glass and much more. What is the best material to choose? What is the environmental impact of the chosen material? These are all questions the Civil Engineer needs to consider before designing a building.

Introduction to Pile Foundations

Pile foundations consist of piles that are dug into the soil till a layer of stable soil is reached. Pile foundations transfer building load to the bearing ground with greater bearing capacity. Pile foundations are useful in regions with unstable upper soil that may erode, or for large buildings.

Basics of Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis uses a system of points that makes a mesh, programmed to include the material and the structural properties which identify the structural behavior under precise loading conditions. The conditions at different points are analyzed to determine the structural behavior.