Building Construction & Design

Civil engineers are primarily concerned with construction, whether it be of buidlings, highways, bridges, tunnels and other necessary structures. In this topic we delve into the matters of designing and constructing projects. Construction Engineering is closely related to Civil Engineering, but more focused on management of the construction site instead of just purely on design and building. Learn all you can about this important topic.
You’ll also learn about the tools, equipment and material needed for projects. Find out more on forklifts, jackhammers, drills, excavaters and much more. Learn the basics of the machinery and proper care to make sure everything is as safe as possible. Also read about how to choose the right material for the project: wood, plastic, stone, concrete, glass and much more. What is the best material to choose? What is the environmental impact of the chosen material? These are all questions the Civil Engineer needs to consider before designing a building.

Construction Joints In Concrete

Concrete, like all materials, will expand or contract with the raising or lowering of temperature. To prevent the surface cracks in concrete with variations in temperature, appropriate arrangements like construction joints in concrete are provided.

The Basics of Heavy Duty Trailer Tires

The heavy duty trailer tires normally used are radial since these tires have superior strength and improved wear characteristics. These tires are extremely expensive, and need to be appropriately preserved by maintaining proper tire pressures and observing other necessary precautions.

Use of Compact Tractors

Compact tractors are widely used in the construction industries and are considered to be extremely useful equipment for these purposes. Numerous tractor implements like backhoe loaders, buckets, draw-bars, and stabilizer bars specifically make the compact tractors helpful.

Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits are excellent materials that are widely being used as paint thinners and as a substitute for turpentine. The turpentine chemical formula is not much different from mineral spirits. However, mineral spirits is more popular being both more economical and more effective.

What is Epoxy Paint?

Epoxies are initially in a liquid state that is changed by chemical reaction to a solid state. The basic components in epoxy are hardeners and resins. Due to their excellent properties, epoxy floors, epoxy primer, and epoxy glue are extremely popular.

How do Infrared Paint Removers Work?

Paint removal is a technique that requires special skill to prevent damage to the surfaces from where paint is removed. The traditional methods for paint removal require a lot of skill and time. Infrared heat gun may be used for paint removal that is much more fast, reliable, and safe.

Traditional External Front Doors

There are several kinds of door styles and materials that are being used for modern houses. The door selection is influenced by the type and style of building where they will be fitted. The major door materials are wood, fiberglass, and steel. However, the external door has a special significance.