Om Thoke

Role of the Construction Ambassador

Construction Ambassadors, as the name suggests, are individuals with a passion for the field of construction. They can have many varied responsibilities, which can make it difficult to define exactly what they really do and to describe their job role precisely.

End of Life Electronic Parts

The rate of electronic devices usage has grown drastically in the last two decades. A huge number of these electronic parts go to waste once their usefulness expires. This post discusses planning for end of life electronic components, ways to reuse or recycle them, and finding replacements.

Terminology of Rock Mechanics

Rock mechanics is a field of engineering that involves interaction between geology, mathematics, physics, petroleum, mining, and civil engineering. There’s a lack of standardization in rock mechanics terminology, so this beginner’s guide is intended to help you get started with rock mechanics.

Non-ionizing Radiation Detectors

What is the definition of non-ionizing radiation, and how do we measure it if it’s present? These are not easy questions to answer because of the very broad spectrum of energy represented in this class of emissions. This article covers what engineers and technicians need to know.

Camless Diesel Engines

Camless diesel engines for trucks will reduce weight, enhance durability, provide control for lower emissions, and increase engine performance. In this article, learn more about how these systems are designed and operate.

Top Construction Equipment Safety Standards

Though construction sites are a great place to work, construction workers face several hazards during their day-to-day work like equipment danger and accidents. In this post, you will learn more about the hazards and dangers of construction equipment when safety standards are not followed.