Tarun Goel

Guide to Architecture in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers and architects complement each other’s’ work. An architect takes care of the design and shape of a building whereas a civil engineer takes care of the technical nitty-gritty like the strength of the building. Architecture is art; civil engineering is more about physics

A Guide to Bridge Design and Construction

Bridges are structures that connect two land masses separated by valleys or rivers, but they serve a greater purpose as they bridge the gap between different places, cultures, and societies. Discover how civil engineers construct bridges that win out over the deepest valleys and turbulent waters.

Geotechnical Topics in Civil Engineering

Studying the behavior of earth materials is a vast subject that includes the study of soil properties, foundations, slopes, risk mitigation, and ground improvement methods. The following topics will guide you through much of the terminology and theory of geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics.

Mechanical Workshop Safety Rules

Mechanical workshop safety rules are important to follow because workshop rules and regulations not only ensure worker safety but also bring efficiency to the work process. Safety guidelines, fire precautions, and general work rules ensure that a symmetrical work process is observed in workshops.

The 5 Best and the 5 Worst Ports for Merchant Marine

The best port of the world ensures that the mariners get all the facilities that not only make their ship perfect again during a short break on a voyage but also rejuvenates their own selves too. And the worst port would do nothing of it. Read on to find more about the best and worst ports.

Science and Technology in Tibet

A government in exile, a parallel government running in the mainland country, natives protesting across the globe against dictating forces, and yet Tibet manages to match its pace with the advancing technology. Science and technology in Tibet is scaling new heights.

S-N Fatigue Curves for Shear Stress

August Wöhler, a German engineer, studied the fatigue characteristics of materials under cyclic loading. His studies resulted in development of S-N fatigue curves for shear stress. The applications of S-N curves, how to use them, and other major aspects related to Wöhler curves are focused on below.

The Case Against Roundabouts

Roundabouts in America have come a long way since they were first introduced. Today, traffic conditions have changed, traffic density has increased manifold, and these factors have raised questions about the effectiveness of roundabouts.

Causes of Plastic Tank Failures

Synthetic storage tanks, i.e. plastic storage tanks, have revolutionized the warehousing of content all over the world. Plastic tanks can store food, water, chemicals, liquids and numerous other things. This article will talk about plastic tank failures and preventive measures.