Sunita Sanguri

AC Rectifier Efficiency

Utility power enters the premises as alternating current, but equipment like computers and other devices used in industrial settings require direct current to operate. The process of converting from AC to DC is called rectification.

The Electric Mosquito Bat

You are sitting in your garden, enjoying the cool breeze and listening to your favorite singer. From somewhere, a mosquito comes and starts troubling you, or rather chewing on you. This article helps you to know how to get rid of that mosquito and enjoy the evening.

Uses of Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits also known as IC’s have revolutionized the electronic and consumer electronics industry ever since their invention. Extremely popular because of the small size and even then carrying a punch ,the uses of Integrated Circuits are various.Read more to learn their applications.

How to Generate Electricity

How to generate electricity? How is electricity created? This article explains the different methods of producing electricity- from the economically feasible methods using fossil fuels to the other unconventional energy sources like wave energy, wind turbine, and geothermal, which are greener.