Jayant R Row

Smoke and Water Damage Clean-Up

Water from firefighting operations and smoke from a fire causes lots of damage and a need for cleaning operations once the fire is put out. This cleanup should be started as soon as possible, but only after making sure the structure and electrical systems are safe.

How to Treat Drill Foam for Reuse

Drill foam is a detergent used by drillers of oil wells to assist in the floatation of dirt to the surface and which also helps to extend the life of drill bits by reducing the wear on them. Such foams form a substantial cost of drilling and reusing the foam treatment makes sound economic sense.

Industrial Wastewater Reuse

Heightened public awareness and stricter application of effluent standards by the authorities has led to industrial wastewater reuse being given a lot of importance. Advanced technologies have also led to such reuse becoming feasible and economical.

Water Mains Leaks and Breaks

Pipes are laid in the ground and soil conditions that are acidic can cause water mains to corrode and rupture. Breaks can also be occur when the pipes are subjected to very high pressures, which can even come from the water hammer cause by incorrect closing of valves.

Using Ardex Concrete Resurfacer for Overlays

Proper preparation of the surface is the most important factor in achieving the bond between Ardex and the concrete surface being treated. No matter which topping or overlay is used to level, smooth, or repair a substrate’s surface, it will only be as strong as the surface to which it is bonded.

Finding Construction Training Providers

Training in any area of the construction industry requires a high-level of hands-on training and technical skills. The work completed inside programs provided by construction training providers covers professional work in depth to prepare students to enter careers in as little as six months.