H. Rassouli

Quality Function Development

Quality Function Development techniques achieve tangible quality improvements with sustainable productivity by interpreting customer’s needs and requirements implied in the voice of customer into product specification for achieving cost effective top quality end products and prompt services.

Do Engineers Use Differential Equations?

A differential equation is the relation between a function and its derivatives. Many engineering principles can be described based on such a relation. The objective of solving a differential equation is finding the unknown function known as the answer of differential equation.

Practical Guide for Jig and Fixture Design

This article gives step by step guidelines for a designer on how to systematically go about designing a work holding fixture with hydraulic clamping. Practical advice on what sort of inputs to be collected and how to use common sense in deciding the various design aspects are explained.

Metal Cutting Parameters Basics

Some parameters involved in the metal cutting process are in fact closely related with other parameters; changing one will have an influencing effect on another. This article covers the basic parameters of conventional metal cutting processes.