The Story Behind Finding HMS Investigator

Canadian researchers have located a sailing ship that became stuck in ice over 150 years ago. The ship had been on a rescue mission itself, searching for a British party that had vanished while searching for a Northwest Passageway, when it became lodged.

What to Do with Used Industrial Robots?

After a robot has outlived its normal utility, its disposal becomes a challenge for the enterprise using it. Resale, sending to a scrap yard, using it for land-fill, and recycling are some of the options available for decommissioned robots.

What Happened to the Edmund Fitzgerald?

On November 10, 1975 Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior taking with it all 29 crew members on board. No definite cause has been attributed for the accident. The tragedy is remembered in literature and pop culture, with a song by Gordon Lightfoot as one example.

Prepare a Ship for Dry Dock

For a vessel to maintain its class license, and comply with operational requirements, it must carry out planned dry docking every five years for the renewal of the license. In cases like collision or under water damage the vessel will be brought in for unplanned dry docking for repairs.