Ramachandran V

Staircase Design Principles

A staircase is an integral part of a building. It is a series of steps arranged in an order so that people can go from one floor of a building to another . The stair should be as per standard design principles and constructed in a such a manner that people can negotiate the steps with ease.

Erosion Control Using Geo Synthetics

Erosion of soil may take place due to wind, rain, and flowing water. If erosion is not properly controlled, it may create serious problems. There are different methods for preventing erosion, but the most effective method is the use of geosynthetic mats for erosion control.

Effective Ventilation of Buildings

For generating a comfortable and healthy living condition inside a building, proper ventilation is very necessary. This can be natural, mechanical, or a combination of both. Designing and implementing a ventilation system is the province of mechanical, design, and HVAC engineers.