Chief Engineer Mohit Sanguri

How to Write a Hazmat Procedure

Hazmats are hazardous materials or dangerous goods that come under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Act and under OSHA. A Hazmat procedure for the handling, stowage, transport and emergency response, and first aid in case of accidental spill, contamination, and fire has to be made.

A Trip through the Panama Canal – in Pictures

Every sailor looks forward to a Panama Canal trip. Crossing is a grand experience. We become humbled after observing the sheer magnitude of the work done and experiencing the spirit of human perseverance that triumphed over nature. Here we cross the Panama Canal in pictures.

How to Determine Electrical Shock Hazard Boundaries

Electrical Shock Hazard boundaries are of three types: Limited Approach Boundary, Restrictive Approach Boundary, and Prohibitive Approach Boundary. The boundaries are decided using NFPA 70 E Table 130.2 C and the shock appraisal chart. The other hazards of electricity are arc flash and arc blast.

Introduction to Welding

Welding is a process widely used in all industries for fabrication and repair. This article introduces welding technology and procedures. Welding has advantages over other methods of joining metals as it weighs less and is stronger.

The Need for the Maritime Law Jones Act

The Maritime Jones Act has two main objectives. To protect the rights of the American seamen, to prevent them from working on substandard ships, to provide them a right to sue and ask compensation for injuries sustained while on work. The other is to restrict foreign ships on coastal trade so as …