What is Friction? Forces of Friction

Two surfaces in contact, no matter how much smooth they may appear to be, pose some frictional force across their surfaces. Here we try to present a comprehensive explanation regarding this phenomenon occurring every day and everywhere in our life.

How to Work With Metal Studs

During some cases, metal units with complicated orientations may become difficult securing or integrating with other metal components. Metal Studs are especially made for such applications for fixing complex metal structures or assemblies firmly over desired positions.

Low Carbon Steel Case Hardening Process Explained

The infusion of an external element over the surface of metals, usually low carbon steel for making their outer case significantly harder is referred to as case hardening. There are several methods through which the procedure may be implemented; a few important ones are discussed in this article.

What are the Most Used Blacksmith Tools

Advanced automation today might have made metal processing work quick and at huge scales, but it didn’t fully replace a blacksmith’s role in the field. Blacksmiths still occupy an important and irreplaceable position. What tools do the blacksmiths use the most? We’ll learn it here.

How Bolt Locking Devices Work

The article discusses important forms of bolt locking devices employed in order to avoid nuts from loosening or gradually unlocking due to the various types of mechanical shocks or vibrations generally involved with all threaded parts fixed over machines.