The Advantages of Microgrids

Microgrids are smaller versions of the national electricity grid running independently. Here you can read about microgrids, why we need them, how they are cost effective, and their constituents. Microgrids too have their own problems, but the future looks very promising.

Nanotechnology in Energy – Solar

The applications of nanotechnology for energy are many. Nanotechnology batteries and nanotechnology solar are in advanced stages of development. Through using nanotechnology other physical phenomena are also used to produce and store energy.

Mini Hydro Electric Power Generators.

The increasing resistance towards building large hydro power plants by environmentalists and ecologists is increasing the trend towards using micro and mini hydro power plants. The advantages of these power plants are discussed in this article. Read on…

The Efficiency of Power Plants of Different Types

Electricity generation is only conversion of energy from different forms to Electricity which is the most convenient form of energy. How efficiently does this conversion take place? We take look at the conversion efficiencies of the common types of Electricity generation plants.