Jayesh Tekchandaney

Vertical Cone Screw Blender

The vertical cone screw blender is one of the best suited blenders for shear, heat sensitve solid materials. The present article discuuses the design, construction and operation of the vertical cone screw blender. The advantages of the blender are detailed along with the disadvantages, applications.

Bulk Density and Blender Design

The bulk density of powders is one of the most important properties to be considered while designing blender. The quantity of material that can be blended per batch and the power required for blending depends largely on the bulk density of ingredients. This is explained using sample calculations.

Batch vs. Continuous Mixing – Batch Mixers

Batch mixing and continuous mixing are the two modes of mixing operation. This article differentiates the batch and continuous mixing operations. The different types of batch mixers are listed. Batch mixing applications, advantages, disadvantages are discussed in detail

Solid Blending Mechanisms and Blend Structures

Diffusion, convection, and shear are the three mechanisms of blending solids. Blending equipment is designed to perform blending by one or more of these mechanisms. The solid blends formed have either ordered or random structures. Understanding these is important for equipment selection.