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Landfill Sites

Landfill sites are used for the disposal of waste materials. Landfills may be built and managed by the producer of waste, or alternatively by state organizations. Landfills are selected according to some established factors for the health safety of humans, to prevent the adverse landfill effects.

Geological Surveying and Mapping

The geological survey has developed into a modern technology that utilizes the technological advancement of several disciplines of engineering. The geology survey techniques include geological and topographic mapping with the employment of robotic lasers, GPS, laser beams, and other modern systems.

Jackhammers – How to Select and Safely Use

The jackhammer is a versatile drill that may be powered hydraulically, electrically, or pneumatically. It is used for drilling rocks, breaking pavement, and other work that needs violent hammering. It functions like a chisel and hammer by poking with the bit, and not a rotary motion.

Lead Based Paint

Lead paint without cracks, fragmentation or deterioration is not likely to be considered hazardous for human health. However, if lead paint has been used in the homes then extra care is essential to avoid unnecessary exposure to lead dust. The door frames and stair railings may have lead paint.

Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Lacquer is a colored coating that is frequently used to produce a shiny wood appearance. Lacquer types are nitrocellulose, and less often cellulose, which is expensive and produces an appearance that is not very attractive. Lacquer will be durable if suitable measures are implemented.

Making Concrete Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete is normally used for terraces and walkways. It consists of the small stones fitted inthat improves the look and the strength. The common methods of its production are Surface Dressing and Washed to Expose.

The Basices of Land Surveying

Surveying is an important engineering discipline that has a great significance in this modern world where so many technologies are interlinked. Numerous surveying techniques and equipment are used in this discipline.

Patterned Imprinted Concrete

Patterned Imprinted Concrete is a specialized technique that can be performed only by the specialists in this trade since it involves accurate processes. The process includes laying of concrete, preparation of sub base, application of color, and then imprinting by mats.

What is Excavator? How Excavator Works?

An excavator is extremely useful for the construction industry, and can perform gigantic tasks that may not be possible by the human effort. Thus, the excavator has increased the speed of work to a great extent. Efforts are being made to reduce the excavator weight, and make it a quiet function.

What Is A Crane?

There are several types of cranes that are used in the construction industry, in the lifting of heavy consignments, and in the manufacturing industry for lifting and movement of heavy loads. Safety precautions should be observed while lifting and moving loads to ensure crane stability.

Fundamentals of Paints

Paints are used to ensure protection of the buildings from harmful weather effects, including rain, heat, and winds, and also to improve the surface finish. The useful life of structures is influenced by the application of paints that are available in several varieties of colors and textures.