Marine Industry Jobs – How to find a job

There’s no doubting, the employment market has just got harder to crack. Now days only the best of the best are securing a maritime job. This article gives you the words of advice that will give you the best possible chance of landing a maritime job.

Titanic Facts – Ocean Liners of the World

It may be known as the best of the best when it comes to ocean liners but in actual fact how innovative is this ship. This article takes you through what has become known as the best ocean liner of all time but lets you in on a few trade secrets.

Piracy on the Somali Coast – Causes and Costs

Piracy along the coast of Somalia has reached unprecedented levels. The international community has recognized the threat of piracy and, using all available legal means, is determined to stamp out the threat of piracy. In this article, see how this is actually taking place.

Maritime Piracy remains a major threat to commercial maritime activities and places a burden upon international resources. The international response to modern day piracy has refined international laws to reduce the incidence and impact of piracy upon the seas.

international convention on safety of life at sea

The ocean prevents many dangers that ultimately can result in death. The international community knowing of the dangers surrounding the ocean has long worked for policies and laws that are designed to protect life. The Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea has since resulted.

maritime jobs and careers – life of a maritime lawyer

Many people consider a career in law, but for many, the decision of what area of law to practice can be daunting. While many look to practice in the exciting world of criminal law many overlook the benefits that can be provided to those lucky enough to choose Maritime law.