Dr. Crystal Cooper

Types of Recorded Rogue Waves

What are the different types of rogue waves? Where does physics fit into the equation, and what is the criteria for determining if a wave is “rogue” or “tame”?

Rogue wave physics for dummies

Researchers are still mystified by the nature of monster waves. Even today, their physical features and sudden appearances are puzzles yet to be solved and are almost as mysterious as they were ages ago.

What Are Rogue Waves

Sailors of yore have told tales of the appearances of monster waves spanning heights of 80 to 100
feet or more. Once thought to be a myth, they been proven to be a reality. Once thought to be rare, they have been shown to be weekly events.

Equation of State in Thermodynamics

Is there really a connection between Sherlock Holmes, cryptography, thermodynamics,
and the meaning of the term “equation of state”? This article attempts to answer the question – with unexpected consequences.