Aggeliki K.

Physical Laws of Motion and Energy Explained

What is motion and what is energy? These fundamental questions are difficult to answer. The first attempt to give some explanations was made through classical mechanics. Here you will find a collection of articles with everything you need to know about the physical laws of motion and energy.

A Guide to Thermodynamics

One of the most fundamental science fields that has contributed to the evolution of engines since the early 19th century, thermodynamics has seriously affected our lives. In this guide we’ll start with the basics and move on to the more complicated principles and applications.

Is Antimatter Real?

Science and science-fiction often refer to terms such as antiparticles, positrons, antimatter spaceships, etc. All this matter-antimatter thing may be a little confusing to the non-expert. This article will make an attempt to clarify what is real and what is not.

Natural Gas Leak Survey Equipment

Natural gas has become pretty common in our everyday lives, but it is not completely safe. What are the hazards and how likely is a gas leak to occur? The article describes precaution measures that can be taken by using proper natural gas leak detection systems.