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When Can I Buy a Robot for my Home?

You must have seen them in movies. You must have read about them in novels. They were fictitious, but currently live. Who are we speaking about? Indeed the humanoid robots! Yes, they are ready to work for you as your servant! Read on to learn more about the Honda Asimo and other robots….

What are Marine Heat Bursts, Microbursts, and Downbursts?

A heat burst in meteorology is an uncommon atmospheric event defined by squally winds, a rapid boost in temperature, and a decrease in moisture. Understanding heat bursts is important both from the view point of aviation as well as marine work. What are marine heat bursts?

Merchant Marine: Alternatives to Ishihara Vision Test?

Many applicants have difficulty with one or more plates in the Ishihara sets. Some claim that the tests are not realistic and the real issue is distinguishing colors at a distance. What is the Ishihara color blindness vision test for Merchant Marine, and what are the alternate tests?

Applications of GIS in Road Traffic Management

Roads are key channels in a modern society’s substructure, lending a great deal to the allocation of goods, funds, and individuals. Application of GIS in road traffic management renders many useful functions for assuring an efficient flow in the traffic systems of a country.

What makes a Traffic Light Work?

Gone are the horse and buggy days. Nevertheless, the sad part is that we still do not notice the endless number of traffic signals. Who are the inventors of these signal lights? What makes a traffic light work? These interesting facts make up this article!

Basic Land Surveying Techniques

Possession of land has been and even now is a very important part of the lives of everyone in this world. Irrespective of the fact surveying took place to find out which tribe possessed which forest or the limits of most important cities, the history of land surveying is amazingly fascinating.

The Hardy Cross Method

The Hardy-Cross Method comprises an assumption of flow in the municipal water network so that the code of stability is fulfilled at each junction. These accepted flows are then calculated consecutively for each pipe loop in the network until the correction reduces to an acceptable degree.

What is Coning of Wheels?

Coning of wheels is a method of beveling the wheels to avoid depreciation to the wheels and rims. Normally the wheels are conned by a cone of semi-angle. It is based on the theorem of coning. Read on to get more idea…………

What is Rail Stress?

Track clasping has forever been an erratic occurrence resulting in expensive derailments. This article actually describes a method of calculating the stresses in the railway track and adopting the same. This has helped in averting accidents to some extent. Read on to get an idea of rail stresses….