A New WPA For American Infrastructure

American infrastructure is rapidly degrading. Already old and decrepit relative to other nations with developed economic systems, a looming era of budget cuts and limited investment across the board threatens to further undermine the United States’ economic competitiveness as key systems fail.

WWII – Guide to the War in Europe

World War II was fought hardest in Europe. Millions of soldiers and civilians died in a bitter conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945. Battles in the air and at sea changed the course of history, and here are some of the most important related battles, equipment, and simulations from and about WW II.

The Famed Russian Battleship Potemkin

Although made famous abroad by the Sergei Eisenstein film, the Russian Battleship Potemkin holds a unique place in Russian and Soviet history. The rebellion of her crew is often held as a model and inspiration for the Russian Revolution of 1917 which toppled the Romanov Tsars during World War I.

New York City Aircraft Carrier USS Intrepid

One of the Essex Class aircraft carriers constructed during the Second World War, USS Intrepid is now a museum ship in New York City. During her service she fought in the Second World War and Vietnam and was a vital part of NASA space operations where she plucked astronauts from the sea.

The New Chinese Aircraft Carrier Shi Lang is Not a Threat

As of 2011, China is a carrier power. A long time coming, the rebuild of the old Soviet era sister to the Kuznetsov- the Varyag- into the Shi Lang has given the People’s Liberation Army Navy its first aircraft carrier. But don’t let the hype fool you: China’s carrier is no threat to US interests.

The British-French Joint Aircraft Carrier Project

European nations have collaborated on a number of military design projects in the past fifty years, among them the Eurofighter, the MEKO series of frigates, and various missiles. Joint aircraft carrier development like that attempted between the UK and France has however never taken off as hoped.

New British Aircraft Carriers: The Queen Elizabeth Class

The retirement of the HMS Ark Royal in 1979 marked the end of Britain’s ability to field a full deck aircraft carrier operating conventional, catapult launched aircraft for over 30 years. But by 2020 the arrival of the super carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will begin a new age in British naval aviation