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  • Upgrading Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
    The power used in running a building's Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is quite substantial, so any measures to improve its efficiency will save energy and cash. An upgrade of the HVAC system can be carried out by replacing the old worn components with modern more efficient units.
  • How Heating and Ventilation Loads are Assessed
    Before selecting the appropriate HVAC system, builders first need to determine the heating and ventilating loads. Loads are determined by some environmental factors and design calculations. Learn more about why its so important.
  • The Chimney or Stack Effect Explained
    The chimney effect is the natural phenomena that occurs when the density difference between a hot and a cold air column creates a natural flow through a chimney. Learn more about why this works.
  • Natural Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient Estimation Calculations
    Download Excel spreadsheets to calculate natural convection heat transfer coefficients. We've included several configurations, including vertical plate or from a horizontal cylinder.
  • How To: Cleaning Coils in an Air Conditioner
    Learn how to clean your air conditioner coils and increase the service life of your air conditioner.
  • Room Air Conditioning Systems that are Easy to Construct
    Are you planning to buy a conventional type of air conditioner from the market? Wait a moment: the low cost, efficient, and eco-friendly homemade air conditioner design project shown here may just change your mind. The drawbacks of Freon and ammonia air conditioner units are also included.
  • What is a Psychrometric Chart? Overview of Components
    A Psychrometric Chart is an important tool for HVAC engineers to carry out heat load or cooling load calculations and find solutions to various air condition related problems. Read an overview of the components included in a psychrometric chart.
  • What is the Best Indoor Humidity Range for People, Books, and Electronics?
    This article provides an engineering perspective on the best range of humidity for people, books, and electronics. Also discussed is how humidity is measured and the best ways to control indoor humidity.
  • Learn More about Heat Pumps
    Nature created mankind, but with the advancement of technology, man is now trying to recreate nature. This may have its own advantages and disadvantages, but nowhere is this struggle more evident than in the field of environmental control for our inhabited interior spaces.
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