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  • How to Make Solar Powered Party String Lights
    Here we discuss the complete construction details of solar powered string lights using a simple charging circuit, a few rechargeable pencil cells, and a small portable solar panel. Learn more in this easy-to-understand article about how to make your own simple solar powered string lights.
  • Make Yourself a Simple Homemade Electronic Buzzer
    The design of a simple buzzer described in this article uses just a single transistor and few other passive components to produce a sound that’s really sharp. Read more about how to make a homemade buzzer.
  • How Fluorescent Lights Work
    It may be the most brilliant way of illuminating our houses and dwellings to date. Yes, we are talking about fluorescent lights, which offer a more energy efficient means of lighting our homes and offices. Learn how they work here.
  • Quantum Dot Technology for Flat Screens and Mobile Devices
    The production of thin-film panels using quantum dot nanotechnology can be accomplished using either contact printing, which offers very high resolutions, or solvent spin-casting techniques.
  • The Engineering History of AM Radio
    Almost everyone is familiar with FM or frequency modulated radio. But what about AM or amplitude modulation radio? What do we mean by the term and what is the history of amplitude modulation as a broadcasting technique?
  • Home Water Purification with Ozone?
    Ozone has been labeled both a killer and healer by mainstream and alternative medicine. When it comes to water purification which is it? What are ozone water purifiers? How do they work? Do you really need one? We’ll cover the current and historical uses of this extremely active gas in this article.
  • How the Bose Wave Makes its Sound
    The Bose acoustic waveguide concept works on a simple principle which involves the magnification of the air vibrations formed at the rear sides of the speakers. However along with amplification, the intricate designed Bose wave radio also enhances the output beyond other compact systems.
  • Profibus Protocol in PLC and Automation Technology
    Profibus is an industry-standard communications bus protocol used in process automation and sensor networks using programmable logic controllers. Understanding how the networks function will be beneficial to any plant engineer having to deal with PLC problems.
  • Car Battery Maintenance and Recharging Problems
    Many car battery problems are caused due to poor maintenance. Learn how to increase the performance and prolong the life of your batteries.
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