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  • Human and Building Synergy
    An analysis of the values of architecture and modern life, and some of the revolutionary changes beginning to take hold - the role of the building in modern life is rapidly changing as designers look to using buildings to create a synergy-effect to maximize productivity and well-being.
  • Certification of Construction Skills
    The construction industry is booming- growing exponentially all across the world. Different countries have different construction skills certification schemes that conduct certification courses and registration tests to certify and grade engineers based on different criteria.
  • Construction Underground: Being a Mushroom
    Greater utilization of underground construction is growing in popularity as a strategy to increase available commercial and infrastructure space. A few noteworthy site preparation activities and guidelines are summarized and described for tunnels, utilities, and related projects.
  • Safety in Buiding Construction
    Accidents may happen during the course of construction of a building. The reasons for accidents seem to have more in common than different.
  • Staircase Design Principles
    A staircase is an integral part of a building. It is a series of steps arranged in an order so that people can go from one floor of a building to another . The stair should be as per standard design principles and constructed in a such a manner that people can negotiate the steps with ease.
  • Building Better for Solar Heating and Cooling
    As a source of constant solar radiation, the sun can be a warming presence, a source of energy, or an annoying heater depending on the albedo of materials and type of construction used.
  • The Four Phases Of Emergency Management
    Emergency management is an important subject that deals with human life and property. Damages caused by disasters are less harmful if a comprehensive emergency management plan is in place.
  • Beam Load Calculations Explained
    In the field of construction, beam load calculations can become truly critical and require special attention as well as accurate implementation of the results. A simple yet effective way of calculating beam loads is discussed here through derived formulas and expressions.
  • Low Cost Housing Construction in Earthquake Zones
    Earthquakes present one of civil engineering’s most complex challenges. They typically strike without forewarning and impact every aspect of a civilization’s infrastructure. Are earthquake resistant construction techniques a viable option for low income population centers in earthquake zones?
  • Reusing Formwork for Concrete
    The possibility of formwork reuse is determined by the type of formwork and the nature of construction. Reusing concrete formwork can reduce construction costs significantly if proper planning and handling is applied.
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